The split among libertarians in the run up to the 2016 election left me baffled. While I understand the tribal urge to exclude from my camp those whose ideas and ideology I disagree with, when it comes to politics, and demonstrably social life too, I’m a big tent advocate. After all I see politics as having no moral basis. Politically I think our best case scenario is small push backs against leviathan and the more realistic end is hampering further growth of state power—toward these ends we certainly need all the allies we can get.

As I watched fallout from the facture in the liberty movement that had coalesced behind Ron Paul some 4 years earlier I wondered how Dr. Paul had managed to rally such disparate groups into a coalition to start with. Had hardcore, pro deportation and boarder wall nationalists of both racist and non-racist stripes been pulled into the liberty tent by Dr. Paul’s message? It seems more likely that he was a Republican but not one of those guys sort of candidate to those voter but, what do I know I’m not in that demographic. This is of course the same demographic this last go around that liked to tag anyone who opposed restrictions on immigration with the pejorative cuckold. A statement whose irony is lost on them.

On the fringe, some individuals claiming a “liberty” perspective while simultaneously advocating for typically right wing government interventions & expansions. They dubbed themselves alt-right, a term resurfaced from the bowels of the internet, to distinguish themselves from cuck Republicans and libertarians. From my view in the cheap seats it’s hard to fathom these folks were once my allies. Granted we do have mutual enemies, many of whom have far more political power than anyone in the liberty camp, plenty of whom are so far on the side of state intervention that there seems no compromises to be made with them. Still yet, it is falling for the trap of the false binary that is the “two party system” to ally yourself with one power hungry party to forsake the other because of the window dressing of their sophistry. That is mad road liberty minded folks have gone down many times for the sake of expediency. I can’t find an instance didn’t end in betrayal. If you know of one please let me know. Closer into the heart of the liberty tent the riff continued, with those who had a more philosophical or apolitical perspective on liberty continued the fissure and those who supported govt. interventions to stop immigration, abortion, and terrorism chose to jump on the Trump train, as the republican bandwagon was then known. Then the pro-Trump liberty crowd began calling the rest of us, especially those of us who do not oppose shifting definitions of gender, left-libertarians. At the time I thought this was comical. Calling anyone who is against right-wing govt. interventions of the left, seems typically Republican. 2 years later however, the term doesn’t seem to be wearing off. If self-determination is supreme, then I am certainly not a leftists. I was of the raised in the right, practically weaned on Thomas Sowell, Rush Limbaugh, and National Review (during the neocon years) but I reacted away and toward liberty. If the objectivists are right however, and there is an objective reality and “right libertarians” are correct, then here I am, an anti-authoritarian, Lockean, pro-Laissez-faire, semi-urban, leftist. I’m not comfortable with that either.